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Welcome, fellow students, to our GWA calculator website. Here, calculating your GWA and GPA becomes a seamless experience. In this article, you’ll learn more about the creator behind this handy tool.

About Muhammad Taha


I am Muhammad Taha, a dedicated student like you. Understanding the challenges of managing grades and credits, I took the initiative to create this user-friendly GWA calculator. It’s specially designed for college students in the Philippines.

Our Calculator: A Free Resource for Students

With just a few clicks, our calculator provides accurate GWA and GPA results. Consequently, this helps you monitor your progress and achieve your goals. As a student, I’ve experienced college stress first-hand. That’s why our GWA calculator is free and accessible to all students in the Philippines.

Muhammad Taha

Supporting Your Academic Journey


This website goes beyond offering a reliable calculator. Additionally, I share resources and tips to support your academic journey. Through engaging blog posts and informative articles, you’ll find valuable advice on studying, time management, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
A Hub for Student Guidance



Aiming to be a valuable resource for students, our website covers various aspects of college life. From exam preparation to stress management, and selecting the right extracurricular activities, we’ve got you covered. As a result, you’ll have the guidance needed to enhance your college experience.



In conclusion, our GWA calculator is more than a tool; it represents my passion for helping fellow students excel. By using the calculator and exploring our resources, you’ll be well-equipped to overcome college challenges and reach your full potential.

So, go ahead and give our GWA calculator a try. Together, let’s embark on this exciting academic journey. With a better understanding of the creator behind the GWA calculator, you can now appreciate the dedication and hard work that went into developing this valuable resource. Remember, success is within reach, and our GWA calculator is here to support you every step of the way.